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About us

NotionZ provides web development services and IT consultancy services throughout Australasia and the world.

Our Consultancy Services include training on behalf of HP, Operations Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Project Management, Systems Management and a myriad other IT and business services.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. However distance is no longer a tyrany, so we can look after the design, development, hosting and maintenance of a website, or manage systems remotely, worldwide.

Our philosophy is that it is easier to lose an existing customer than to find a new one; for that reason we do whatever it takes to make sure our services match what our customers require. We are friendly, efficient, we don't speak jargon, and we enjoy what we do. We have an infectious enthusiasm, and we look forward to working with you to add value to your organisation.

What makes us different?

You'll notice a difference from the start - because we won't start by talking websites and technology!! We'll start by discussing what your company does.

We think websites are more than computers and design. When done properly, they involve all facets of your business, from marketing, to branding, to your bottom line. They save you time and money.

When done badly, they can cost you lost business and more.

We approach your website design and implementation from a business perspective - it's an extension of your business premises, so it must have the right look and feel, it must reflect what you want from your company. It must have a positive effect on the whole company. 

We have marketing, sales and general consultancy skills, and many years experience. So we make websites that serve a purpose - to sell your products, to promote your business or services. And our IT consultancy services are there so you get the best out of your IT investment.

We reckon it is better to have a website that shows off your company and its products/services, that provides information to your customers, than have one that shows off our webmaster skills!

Need more information about us? Get in touch via the contacts page, for a no-obligations chat.


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