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Here are some of the websites in the NotionZ family. Click on a logo for more information.


HR Equations



I Always Remember!

Frendlee websites

HR Equations offers many HR services to companies of all sizes. This site was to have a professional look, and offer information as to the company's services. The information varies as to the audience; the small business, corporate and government users will require information relevant to themselves.

The style is based around the company's preferred colouring scheme as used in printed brochures.

Santa Fe is a facility on Waiheke Island which provides accommodation for holidays and getaway breaks, and also a venue for corporate meetings, weddings and family occasions. The site was designed to show off all the features of the Santa Fe - the views, the rooms, the Mexican-style courtyard - there are lots of pictures on many of the pages, so the potential visitor can see all the aspects that Santa Fe has to offer.

I Always Remember! (

I Always Remember is a database-driven website that allows members to be reminded of important events. Users can enter birthdays, anniversaries etc, then receive an emailed reminder, so they never forget!!

Advertising on the site is personalised by the country of the member, and all the administration tools to maintain the site were written by us.

Cogswell Law is a law firm established in Auckland

The firm wanted a site that they could place on their business cards, which described their services and introduced the partners. The style of the site suits the profession, and the colouring and fonts fit in with existing literature.

This is a simple, quick site, but it will change and adapt over time.

A database driven site which allows advertisers to quickly and easily create listings to advertise their products and services, and for potential customers to search for them.
The site is made up of multiple sites, aiming at different niche markets in different countries. Sites include Puppy Frendlee (in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Canada), Small Business Frendlee (NZ, Aus, GB, Ire, US, Can), Aged Frendlee (NZ, Aus, GB, Ire, US, Can), Child Frendlee (NZ, Aus, GB, Ire, US, Can) and Vegetarian Frendlee (NZ, Aus, GB, Ire, US, Can). Other niches and countries can be added with ease.



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